Letters to the Editor — Aug. 11, 2017

Cottage tour a hit, thanks to many


As chair of the 26th Annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour, it is my pleasure to offer my most sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone responsible for helping to make this year’s tour an outstanding success. This annual tour is held in support of the South Coastal Library & Cultural Center in Bethany Beach.

Our celebration began with a wonderful cocktail party at the beautiful home of Cindy and Jim Tippett. Sponsored by Leslie Kopp of the Leslie Kopp Group, the cocktail party recognizes and thanks our homeowners, sponsors, donors and tour committee. Thank you to Dogfish Head and Banks Wines & Spirits for their support.

We are indebted to the 10 homeowners who loaned us their homes for the two days of the tour. We thank Tracy and Clint Heiden (House 1), Lisa and Tom Kloster (House 2), Kathy and Mike McCord (House 3), Maria and Mark Madigan (House 4), Janine and Wing Eng (House 5), Judy and Carey Verger (House 6), Janet Maher and Dan Hiett (House 7), Marnie Oursler (House 8), Daryl Bobb, Jodi Macklin and Tammy Mendelson-Camp Bobb (House 9), and Judith and Daniel Deutsch (House 10). We thank you for your generosity in sharing your home!

Special thanks to co-chair Carol Brigleb and the exceptional tour committee: Ann Boteler, Carrie Boyden, Barbara Carlson, Thea Chandross, Sheila Collicchio, Faith Denault, Sharon Dillon, Jen Edmonston, Dick Fox, David Green, Meaghan Green, Joe Healy, Nancy Horne, Carol Kopay, Charlie Kopay, Norbert Kraich, Linda Kulin, Linda Manning, Lois McNamara, Lori Meighan, Janet Parham, Donna Philpit, Maureen Rayborn, Judi Smith, Karen Taylor, Marylou Tietz, Barbara Turner and Colleen Wilson. These men and women have worked hundreds of hours throughout the year in the coordination, preparation and execution of the tour.

A very big thank-you to Sue Keefe and her wonderful staff at the South Coastal Library.

The Adopt-a-House program was a great success again this year, and thanks go to the following local organizations for their support in providing coordinators and hostesses in the tour homes: Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, Bay Forest Homeowners, Bethany Lakes Book Club, Gardeners By the Sea, Lord Baltimore Women’s Club, Salt Pond Women’s Club, Tower Road Group, Southampton Homeowners, Women’s Civic Club of Bethany Beach and the Women’s Council of Realtors.

In addition, we have many other hostesses who volunteered as coordinators outside of these organizations: Barbara Sears, Joan Corrao, Sue DiTommaso, Kathy Jankowski, Laura Martin, Barbara Perry, Sandy Powell, Alexis Sclama, Leslie Weightman and Brenda Wimperis — and to you we send many thanks.

Also, this event would not happen without the dedicated volunteers who annually return to us serving as hostess coordinators, hosts and hostesses, ticket sellers, traffic coordinators, parkers and raffle sellers — 606 volunteers helped with this year’s tour. Thank you all!

We thank the many advertisers in our tour booklet — please see our website for a listing of all of our advertisers. Anne Powell + Associates, Town of Bethany Beach, the Cottage Cafe Restaurant & Pub and Bethany Boathouse, G&E/Hocker’s Supermarket, PNC Bank and Sea Colony Recreation are our tote bag sponsors. The Seaside Seven Realty Group sponsored the fans and the hangtag sponsor was Pohanka of Salisbury. We also thank our many generous donors who made financial contributions to the tour.

Once again our raffle was terrific, and for that we thank the six restaurants who donated gift cards: Mancini’s, Off the Hook, Sedona, SoDel Concepts, The Parkway and Touch of Italy. We also owe gratitude to the six local artists who donated beautiful artwork: Aubrè Duncan, Tara Funk Grim, Laura Hickman, Jeanne Mueller, Amanda Sokolski and Cheryl Wisbrock. Thanks to each of you for your continued support!

To the Beebe Medical Center, who has provided the tour with booties for many years, you have our sincere thanks and appreciation.

To the towns of Bethany Beach and Ocean View, we thank you for your cooperation in coordinating the parking logistics for our tour participants. We especially thank Gerald Hocker and G&E/Hocker’s Grocery in the Salt Pond Plaza for the use of the parking lot to stage our trolleys.

Thank you to the five businesses that allow us to sell tickets in their establishments: Bethany Beach Books, Browseabout Books, Carolina Street, McCabe’s Gourmet Market and Rooster’s Nest.

Special thanks go to our local newspapers, the Coastal Point and the Wave, and to the publications, Coastal Style, Delaware Beach Life and Delaware Today for giving us advance coverage of this event. Your support over the years has helped us tremendously.

Finally, thanks to all of you who attended the 26th Annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour. We hope that you enjoyed the variety of homes on this year’s tour.

Planning has already begun for next year’s tour. Mark your calendars for the celebration of the 27th Annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour on Wednesday, July 25, and Thursday, July 26, 2018 — be sure to make your reservations early, as this year’s tour was a sell-out!

For updated tour information, visit our website at www.beachandbaycottagetour.com and like us on Facebook.

Again, thanks to all of you for your continued support of the South Coastal Library & Cultural Center — we’ll see you in 2018!

Kathy Green, Chair

2017 Beach & Bay Cottage Tour

Readers express frustration with DelDOT


In December 2016, I wrote a letter describing the “repaving” of Blackwater Road between Omar Road and Burton Farm Road several months earlier. My letter stated that the project was ineffective and hazardous because the gravel which was dumped on the road did not adhere to the surface, causing piles of gravel to accumulate at the sides of the road and in the intersections. Gravel is slick when it is in piles and even slicker when it rains. The intersection of Blackwater Road and Burbage Road was already dangerous. For several months after the project, it was a hazard.

My letter prompted a response from a representative of DelDOT, Jason McCluskey, who confirmed that there was a problem with the application of the surface coat of tar or asphalt. Mr. McCluskey assured me that the problem would be resolved as soon as the weather improved and DelDOT had the time to work on the road.

Seven months later, the road is in poor condition. Gravel is still in piles at the side of the road, making walking and biking difficult. If your driveway is paved, there is gravel in it — often as far as 30 feet from the road. There is gravel in the grass which makes it in — often as far as 30 feet from the road. There is gravel in the grass, which makes mowing a challenge.

Those of us who live on Blackwater Road carry gravel into our cars and our homes, and we have to deal with the dust which has been generated by the amount of gravel in the road. In other words, there is no improvement in the condition of the surface of Blackwater Road.

In fact, Blackwater Road was in better condition before the project last fall. Anyone who travels this road will notice that the surface of the road is uneven and bumpy. It was not uneven prior to the ineffective repaving project in the fall.

I still believe that the project was a waste of time and money. Did others roads receive the same defective and ineffective treatment? Is there a plan to correct the problem? The DelDOT engineer, Mr. McCuskey, told me that Blackwater Road did not warrant repaving because of cost. Because of other road work — particularly the work being done on Route 26 — the traffic on Blackwater Road has increased. Who determines which routes warrant repaving?

I would like to know when DelDOT plans on correcting their mistake and improving the condition of Blackwater Road. The poor condition of the road surface is not just an inconvenience. It is a hazard to anyone who drives, walks, bikes or lives along the road.

Bob and Chris Limerick


Doctor says goodbye, talks up Tunnell


It has been my pleasure to serve and care for people fighting cancer for the past 26 years as medical director of Beebe Healthcare’s Tunnell Cancer Center. I have had the privilege of meeting a great many people and developing lifelong friendships with many patients and family members. But now it is time for me to retire and pass your care to my compassionate and dedicated colleagues at Tunnell Cancer Center.

When I first started at Beebe Healthcare in 1991, I was the organization’s first full-time oncologist. The Tunnell Cancer Center was created in 1995 through a generous $1 million donation from W. Robert Tunnell Sr. and his wife, Eolyne Tunnell. At that time, I stepped into the role of medical director, which I serve in to this day.

During my tenure, the Center grew from a staff of five team members to nearly 100 team members. Today I work alongside a talented team of five medical oncologists and five radiation oncologists at the Cancer Center who work together to plan and implement the treatment for the people who seek our care.

Tunnell Cancer Center is one of only 95 cancer programs across the nation — and the only one in Delaware — to earn the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award for Excellence from the American College of Surgeons on Cancer.

The advanced care we provide at Tunnell Cancer Center continues to be recognized by external agencies, and the patients we serve express their gratitude for our dedication, our expertise and our compassion.

As I retire from active practice, I am confident in the strength and depth of the clinical team in place at Beebe Healthcare’s Tunnell Cancer Center.

Just in the last year, the Center recruited three new medical oncologists to our staff. The newly developed role of the nurse navigators eases what can be a daunting process of navigating the health care system, especially when one is facing a cancer diagnosis. We also completed a strategic plan for the future, so we are prepared to grow and evolve to best serve the needs of our growing community.

Over the past several decades, I have watched many families in the area grow and have shared heartache and joy with thousands of patients. I am grateful for your loyalty throughout the years and will take the memories of all that I have experienced with me into my retirement — knowing that the team at the Tunnell Cancer Center is in place and ready to care for the next family who needs them.

Dr. Srihari Peri, Medical Director

Tunnell Cancer Center

Reader says enough is enough with Trump


The state of this country has deteriorated under Trump.

The Republican leadership has become profoundly uncaring, as evidenced by its failed health care bill, which would have put millions off the rolls and given tax breaks to the wealthy. It is complicit in the encouragement of racism, class warfare, religious bigotry, voter suppression and more.

It has shaped itself to appeal to Americans who want authoritarian leaders, nationalist policies and less government regulation. These followers are, in turn, driving the party to become more extreme.

Let’s examine what is not normal: Never revealing finances, how many conflicts of interest there are, appoints people who have lied about their background or omitted crucial information on disclosure forms, violation of emoluments clause, using office to enrich himself and family, inability to handle classified information, lies daily about everything, self-confessed sexual predator and proven conman in business, and, lastly, diminishing the office of president to fit himself.

The Attorney General, J. Sessions, himself has contributed to Trump’s agenda by lessening the effectiveness of Affirmative Action, voter ID laws, voter suppression, mandatory minimum and maximum sentences (benefit for-profit prisons), laws against women, Jane Crow foster program that separates children from poor mothers, deportations of non-violent offenders, which affects the whole family, defining what constitutes a family (benefit people from white countries), limiting legal immigration to stem those from non-white countries, favoring those who speak English and are highly skilled.

Fear is a great motivator and has been used to great success. Anxiety and resentment made many white voters support Donald Trump because of their belief that they were losing ground to black people and because he promised to “MAGA.” The facts support just the opposite; in 60 years, the wages of blacks still lag behind those of whites. Facts, alternative or otherwise, mean little to this administration.

Valerie Reeves

Ocean View