Scammers now come at people from every direction

Most of us have received the emails from Nigerian royalty promising to make us millionaries if we send a “small” amount of money their way. Or the free gift cards we can all get through our emails if we just sign up for a trial period of Product X. Or “urgent” emails from banks urging us to sign in on the website they provided a link to in order to keep your assets from being frozen.

The Internet has brought with it many amazing things, but it has also brought about hackers, phishers and various other schemes to separate us from our money.

Of course, the Internet is not the only haven for scammers. An Ocean View man said this week that he received a phone call from a man claiming to be his grandson. The caller said he had been in an automobile accident, and badly needed financial help. The Ocean View man said he, thankfully, was able to determine it was not his grandson on the phone, so he did not lose any money to this scammer, but it could have happened. And, in fact, it does happen — or the scammers would move on to a new scam. It’s what they do.

Last week we ran a story on people in the area traveling door-to-door to promise driveway paving services that they ultimately don’t deliver. Selbyville police said that some of these scammers have suggested they are contractors for the Town, and the driveway must be repaved to bring it up to code. Town officials said they would send official notification letters to people who are in violation of code.

There are people out there who are trying to take your money, and they come up with new ideas all the time. If you are in doubt, call your local police and ask them to verify it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.