Editorial: Murray left behind a proud legacy for all of Delmarva

When word began to filter through our newsroom on Tuesday that longtime News Journal environmental reporter Molly Murray had died, one would have thought that we had lost a co-worker of our own.

Murray diligently covered the environment and agriculture world of Sussex County for decades, and had bumped into just about every working journalist in Delmarva through that time. She was known as a top-notch writer who saw the protections of our waterways and farmlands as vital to the very way of life we enjoy here, and she was usually out in front of everybody else in providing that coverage.

She was fair and accurate in her reporting, as we all aspire to be, and she won numerous awards for her work. But she was more than that. She was a thoughtful, giving person who didn’t mind sharing a few of her “tricks of the trade” with young journalists from other publications, and always stopped “to smell the roses” with her sources and competition, through pleasantries and conversation.

In short, Murray was, and will continue to be, a legend in this area as a journalist, and will be remembered through generations of reporters as a professional who always did what she considered to be the right thing.

In reality, all of us, in all walks of life in Delmarva, owe Murray deep appreciation and thanks. Her watchdog reporting directly kept the things happening to our environment under scrutiny, and she didn’t fall into the trap of only reporting on negatives happening to the world around us — she also championed what a beautiful world we have around us.

We offer our sympathies to Murray’s family, friends and co-workers, and our thanks for having known her. Rest in peace, Molly.