Editorial — Enjoy the beach — but take time to know the rules

The Fenwick Island Town Council recently approved a first reading of a law that would limit oversized umbrellas and tents on the beach, following in the footsteps of Bethany Beach and Rehoboth Beach — who both approved similar measures earlier this year.

Though it will not be fully voted on until at least the end of July, it brings to mind an important thought for those who come to visit the beach, as well as people who live here and just might find other ways of entertaining themselves than keeping up on the passings of local ordinances.

Know. The. Laws.

It’s been said roughly 14 million times just over the past week across these fruited plains, but it bears repeating: Ignorance of the law is not a free pass to violate the law. As long as we’re on this cliché ride, let’s also remember, “When in Rome...”

So, let’s combine those two concepts. If you are visiting a new place, get to know the laws and rules. It will help in terms of not violating any laws, as well as prevent you from ticking off other people who are paying attention.

Check the town’s websites for any beach rules, or call town hall if you have any questions. The people there just want you to enjoy your visit so you’ll come back and visit again. They would be happy to help.

To save you the time, you are not going to be allowed to smoke on any of the town’s beaches around here, and only Dewey Beach will allow dogs on the beach this time of year, and that’s only during certain hours.

But do a little research. A few minutes on Google could save you a lot of aggravation later.