Editorial — Let’s keep good memories from summer season

Well, it’s summer.

Honestly, “summer” really kicks off around here Memorial Day weekend, but the sun and the calendar are now in agreement over the switch of the seasons, and kids from our surrounding areas are out of school. So it is now official.

There is no time of year when this community is more alive than summer, and, for many of our summer guests, this is their one big family vacation a year. For all our sakes, let’s make this a summer to remember, for all the right reasons.

Let’s start with the obvious: We must all respect each other and be vigilant on our roads. One of the worst parts about our jobs here at the paper is reporting on bicyclists and pedestrians being struck by vehicles. There are always several incidents, and more years than not, there is at least one fatality. We harp on it. The local and state police departments harp on it. But someone won’t pay attention — either a person driving a car, or the pedestrian or bicyclist — and a few people’s lives will be altered forever in a moment. Please, please, please pay attention and follow the rules of the road.

Take. Your. Time. Leave a little earlier than normal to get where you’re going, and let the flow of traffic be your guide. Riding someone’s tail down the road or honking incessantly helps nothing. Take your time.

Also, please practice caution when in the ocean. We’ve all been banged around out there by waves and undertows, and it’s a helpless feeling when you are upside down and not knowing which way is up. That feeling can turn in to something much worse before you know what happened. Pay attention, and swim close to the lifeguard stands if at all possible.