Editorial — Multi-pronged efforts have Millsboro on the rise

Here comes Millsboro.

The town has seen community leaders and business owners attempt to revitalize downtown and other areas of Millsboro for years by attracting new businesses and tourists. The Chamber of Commerce has jumped in, trying to create new events that will keep Millsboro hopping, such as this year’s planned July 4 celebrations.

And officials have jumped into the “build Millsboro” efforts, as the Millsboro Town Council voted unanimously in February to cut the building fund portion of the Town’s building permit rate by more than 80 percent, in an effort to encourage businesses and prospective residents to build in Millsboro. And the efforts all seem to be paying off now.

Lewes Dairy recently announced it will move to Millsboro, on a parcel near Millsboro Lanes. This will bring jobs, the company’s new dairy distribution facility and an ice cream parlor, as well as a bit of caché for the town, as Lewes Dairy is a Sussex County icon.

The Town’s 2018 budget also includes funds for a new police station, to go along with new sidewalks, and Millsboro is not resting on its laurels. The Town is still looking to attract more businesses, while revitalizing downtown and maintaining a traditional look of Millsboro.

“A lot of the older buildings downtown are brick, so I know Council would like to get that theme going,” said Town Manager Sheldon Hudson. “That’s part of the reason for the brick — there’s history in it. It’s not only to give downtown a nice aesthetic feel, but it’s a tribute to the town’s roots, as well.”

Millsboro has actively decided to embrace the future and the past, and that is certain to aid its present.