Five young skateboarders offer a lesson

It doesn’t necessarily sound like the biggest news of the week, but there is great hope in what took place at the last Frankford Town Council meeting.

Five local boys, skateboards in hand, showed up at the council meeting and asked that the Town consider a place where people could ride their skateboards without interference or incurring wrath.

“Kids are getting yelled at” for skateboarding in the municipal lots, said Derek Check, a 12-year-old student at Selbyville Middle School. “I want to design a place where we can all have a place of our own to skateboard at.” His endgame is a place “where we can have fun, and meet new people and get exercise.”

The boys were encouraged to take their concerns to the Town by Frankford Police Chief Mark Hudson, who had heard their frustrations.

Ultimately, council members voiced some concerns about liability, instructed the boys to do research on some other skateparks in the general vicinity (Ocean City and Rehoboth Beach) and thanked them profusely for their willingness to get involved.

This is good stuff all around. Young skateboarders often complain about police bothering them when they are just trying to have fun without hurting anyone else, but in this instance, the chief heard them out and offered them guidance. Council members listened thoughtfully and offered good advice, and the boys did things the right way by trying to constructively effect real change.

This is how good community governing happens.