Editorial — Donation to OVHS helps keep the past alive

Our community truly treasures its past.

If it wasn’t apparent to us before through the stories of our publisher and lifelong local Susan Lyons, it became perfectly evident to us while putting together the series of books we have done on our towns’ histories. People not only wanted to tell us their memories of growing up in the area — they cherished them. They held on to mementos, photos and letters, and they hovered over them, making sure we returned them to their proper owners when we were done.

And it isn’t just the locals. The town books have been received well by our readers, many of whom are newer to the area and found it fascinating to learn more about the people and events that helped shape this community into what it is today.

This is why it was so heartwarming to see the turnout last weekend for the Ocean View Historical Society’s (OVHS) latest acquisition, the Evans-West House.

The home was donated to the society by Carolyn Brunner and her son Daniel McCann and will allow the OVHS to hold on to and preserve another slice of the Town’s history. This donation is similar to cottage and land donations made to Bethany Beach over the years, and there is hope that it facilitates a movement for more to come in the future.

This area has seen unprecedented growth over the last two decades, and will still see more in years to come. Things have changed, and things continue to do so today. But generous donations like these help ensure we will never forget our past.