Editorial — Crime in area forces us to take extra care

It’s not a difficult leap to equate a rise in home and car burglaries with the massive uptick in opioid use and abuse in the community over recent years. People become addicted, they want more drugs after they have exhausted their own resources and they move on to taking things from other people to satisfy their addictions.

It’s part of life that we aren’t comfortable with, and police and health experts are grappling with every day. Pills and heroin have infested our little oasis by the sea, just as they have in nearly every corner of our nation. With that, comes crime. With crime, comes more problems.

Fenwick Island Police Chief William “Bill” Boyden recently addressed his town’s council with some common-sense advice on protecting ourselves from crime.

“The only common thread is they’re breaking into cars that are unlocked,” advised Boyden. “... I can’t stress enough: Lock your vehicle. They’re not breaking windows. They’re not jimmying locks.”

Boyden added that anything of value is a potential target — noting that cell phones and loose change are common points of interests for our local criminal element.

From Jan. 1 to Feb. 15, neighboring Ocean City, Md., police reported 11 break-ins, mostly between 94th and 120th Streets. Similarly, Ocean View police dealt with 10 car burglaries in just two days in November.

Nobody likes change in their lives, and this crime problem is a most-unwelcomed change. But lock your doors, and stay in that habit.