Editorial — St. Ann’s, USO working to help our troops

The Parish of St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Bethany Beach is on a month-long mission to stock USO Delaware with items for our brave men and women serving overseas .

For their March drive, they are requesting individually-packaged Slim Jims, crackers, breakfast bars and chips, along with paper towels, 13-gallon trash bags and gallon-size zip-top freezer bags. The idea came from a St. Ann’s women’s group called Sodality.

“Sodality is kind of the anchor that is bringing all this together,” said Rosemary Wlaschin, who is heading the effort. “It has a special devotion to our Blessed Mother, in addition to a community-service arm. The women at St. Ann’s are the strongest, most faithful women I have had the privilege of coming across... I feel very blessed I’ve been directed to this.”

This is a terrific idea, as well as an opportunity for people throughout our community to pull together to help our troops overseas. The fact that it is coming from one of our active churches is also nice, as it shows that the community will ban together to help when it can. This is what real giving is all about.

The parish will be collecting donations through March 31, at which point they will contact USO Delaware to schedule a pick-up of the items.

“The day that we can exist in peace in this world, and our military are just training at home and going home to their families at night, in their own little neck of the woods, then, I guess, it won’t be needed,” said Yolanda Bottorf, operations and programs manager for USO Delaware.” But, until then, regrettably, with a big, heavy heart, this is something needed for our men and women. ... We’re not going to forget them.”

We applaud the efforts of both of these organizations, and hope the community supports their work this month.