Ocean View stays the course with Curran

The filing deadline for the mayoral position in Ocean View has come and gone, and incumbent Mayor Walter Curran was the only one to throw his hat into the ring.

We’ve heard two predominant theories on why people don’t apply to run for local seats: The first is that people simply don’t care enough about what’s going on around them to get involved, and the second is that people are pretty happy with what’s going on around them and don’t feel a need to rock the boat.

Judging by the often-cantankerous climate in Ocean View in the past, we’re going to go ahead and guess that people are pretty satisfied with the status quo.

This is not to say the town doesn’t have its issues. They are in the process of crafting a new budget, and recently approved a salary survey. That survey revealed that Town employees should see a bump in their salaries, which we could probably say about nearly every professional path in the country, but that’s a hard thing to digest during budget-planning season. There are also the oft-discussed issues of sidewalks and drainage that never really go away in many of our towns. There’s a big ocean, a river, canal and some bays that factor into those issues.

But, all in all, things have gone fairly smoothly in Ocean View over recent years, and one could argue that consistency in leadership with the last two mayors is a reason for that. In Curran’s case, it can be opined that things are going well because he often assumes a leadership role in town council meetings, keeping meetings on topic and giving council members an opportunity to weigh in on all matters. A council that feels engaged and respected is often more excited and enthusiastic.

Doesn’t that go for all of us.

We congratulate Walter Curran on his new three-year term as mayor of Ocean View, and wish him and the entire town three years of prosperity, harmony and energy.