Roadside signs must be removed by Dec. 5

With the 2014 elections now history, all roadside signs must be removed by Dec. 5 or those posting them will face fines for each sign, the Delaware Department of Transportation reminded residents this week. According to state law, signs are allowed in some areas of the State-owned right-of-way for 30 days prior and 30 days after an election.

With high winds predicted this week, DelDOT officials encouraged candidates, campaign workers and residents to remove the signs as quickly as possible.

In 2012, approximately 3,800 illegal signs were removed from the State’s rights-of-way. More than 1,000 warnings were issued, along with approximately 1,800 violations, totaling more than $23,000 in fines collected.

The law is designed to keep the enforcement clear zone free from any visual pollution, which contributes to litter and can be a safety hazard, officials said. The law subjects the owner of an illegal sign or other obstruction placed in the state’s right-of-way to a $25 per sign fine and a $15-per-sign recovery fee.

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