Cramer attends Realtors convention at Dover Downs

Coldwell Banker Realtor Kathy Cramer attended the Association Realtor Convention at Dover Downs on Oct. 13-15. The convention hosted classes, exhibits and mock sessions on problems and issues related to sales or leasing of properties. Classes were held in ethics, legislative updates and core courses mandated by Delaware Real Estate Commission.

In ethics, there have been 17 articles adopted by Realtors since 1913. The guide has been handed down through centuries, with its core embodied in the Golden Rule. Markets have changed, and so have the articles. The 17 articles are intended to promote competency, fairness and high integrity resulting from adherence to a higher regard of moral conduct in business relations. There have been annual changes since 1989.

The core course covers the infamous “CIS” form, the Consumer Information Statement. It is used for consumers seeking to purchase or sell residential properties. As agents, Realtors must comply with all applicable laws, including duties and regulations of the Delaware Estate Commission.

A fact most buyers don’t realize, Cramer said, is that when they go to an on-site sales center without a Realtor, they have no representation. The on-site staff represents the sellers and is usually unlicensed.

Legislative Updates was taught by Delaware Association of Realtors’ (DAR’s) Charlotte Herbert, who works in the Delaware association office in Dover and in Washington, D.C. She helps the association protect private property and the ability to do business. Some issues featured are land-use, housing, taxes and benefits that could change with new laws.

All need to be monitored, Cramer said. “In the past, subsequent changes have hurt our rights. Remember in the 1980s, when mortgage interest deductions were about to be eliminated? This is being proposed again in Congress. Also, look for home inspectors to be licensed starting in February 2012.”

Keeping up with new laws and change is a Realtor’s job, she said. “Your agent should be current and well versed.” Go to www. for more news.