CIB meeting to discuss coal ash

The public is being invited to attend the Citizens’ Advisory Committee Meeting of the Center for the Inland Bays on Tuesday, April 28, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the CIB located on Inlet Road in Delaware Seashore State Park, just north of the Indian River Inlet Bridge.

The agenda includes a presentation on plans to clean up/neutralize the potential environmental impact of coal ash from the Delmarva and Phase 1 landfills, and human health risk assessment of coal ash storage in the bay. There will also be a presentation on the Fenwick Island Stormwater Management Plan.

The Inland Bays Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is a standing committee of the Center for the Inland Bays and is comprised of citizens throughout the watershed representing a diversity of stakeholder groups. They work to identify stakeholder concerns in the Inland Bays watershed, research and develop recommendations on policy issues, and assist with community outreach; informing and educating citizens on watershed issues.

Interested citizens are encouraged to attend. For more information, go to online.