Sussex County EOC monitoring tropical storms

Officials at the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center announced Wednesday that they were closely monitoring Tropical Storms Hanna, Ike and Josephine in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical Storm Hanna was expected to pass off the coast of Delaware on Saturday evening. As the storm progresses northward, rain was expected to begin Saturday morning. Rainfall amounts could be in excess of 3 inches. With most of the area not seeing rain in the past six weeks, this rain should not create any major problems in the area, officials said.

They encouraged drivers to remember to always use caution on wet roadways and to allow extra space between themselves and other vehicles, as roadways may become slick or water covered.

“We are asking everyone to check that all outdoor items are secured and not subject to being blown around over in the next few days as winds from the storm increase in the area,” officials said. “These winds could produce gusts up to 60 miles per hour Saturday evening as the center of the storm passes the coast.”

Sussex County is encouraging those visiting the area, especially those who are camping, to closely monitor the weather and be prepared to take appropriate action. Sussex County officials will continue to monitor the weather for the area, they said.

Residents and visitors can stay tuned to local television and radio stations or the Sussex County Web site for updates. For more information, contact the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center at (302) 855-7801.