Police imposter robs motorist

Troopers seek information on suspect

The Delaware State Police mid-week were investigating a robbery that occurred Monday, June 30, about10:15 p.m., after a person imposing as a police officer allegedly stopped a motorist and took their wallet.

Troopers said a 20-year-old female West Chester, Pa., resident had been traveling northbound on Route 1 between the Indian River Inlet Bridge and Dewey Beach. The woman said she had been “pulled over” by a vehicle with three flashing blue lights on top of the roof.

Thinking it was a police officer, she stopped along the shoulder and was contacted by an unknown white male with dark hair. Police said the suspect pointed a handgun at the victim and demanded her driver’s license and registration. The suspect then demanded the entire wallet from her. After complying and giving him the wallet, the suspect walked back to his vehicle got inside and drove away northbound on Route 1.

Police said the victim, who was not injured, described the vehicle as looking like a police car and stated it could possibly have been a Ford Crown Victoria. She did state that the blue lights were “rotating” lights and not strobes. Additionally, the victim told investigators that she had observed two other males seated inside the suspect’s car as she looked through the rear-view mirror. No other information was provided on the suspect’s description, vehicle or the handgun used.

Anyone with information on this crime is being asked to call investigators at Troop 4 at (302) 856-5850 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.

State police noted that anyone who feels uncomfortable as to whether they are being stopped by a real police officer is encouraged to follow the following procedure: “You can let the police know you see them by waving, turning on interior lights and putting on a turn signal. Then, look for a well-lit area where there are other people, and pull over. If you’re still not comfortable then get on your cell phone and call 911 to check and see if an officer is trying to make an actual traffic stop at your location. In addition, if the officer is not in uniform, you should ask for some sort of official identification.”