Film to document how action sports keep people sober

Get stoked: Sober athletes are working on a documentary about using action sports, arts and other outlets to have fun while staying sober.

Scott French and Eugene Stiltner co-founded “Sober and Stoked,” “the movie, movement and mindset.”

“We want to inspire people and spread the message that being sober is fun,” said Stiltner.

The documentary has been in the works since early 2017.

“The movie has continued to evolve,” said Stiltner. “Before, it was just action sports, but now we are making it available to everyone, including artists and musicians.”

Stiltner said the group is hoping to feature seven diverse people and their stories in the documentary. So far, they have three people they are hoping to feature, including an ultra-runner and a professional skier.

French and Stiltner both use action sports to help themselves stay sober.

French struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol until he got clean and sober while he was in jail for reckless driving and a DUI. Once he was released, he went snowboarding in Jackson Hole and decided that he needed to get back into what he had loved doing when he was growing up. Today, French has been sober for almost 11 years. He has done triathlons and Ironman competitions, and he enjoys snowboarding, surfing and other action sports.

After almost eight years of reckless drinking, Stiltner got treatment at Father Martin’s Ashley in Havre De Grace, Md. Since then, Stiltner has been sober for 11.5 years. He has produced three movies in the surf world and has owned a successful restaurant for the past seven years.

The “Sober and Stoked” team is rounded out by co-directors Tyler Valliant and Jenni Carney, and editor Gavin Pease. The movie will be produced by Valliant Artistry, Valliant and Carney’s production company.

Once the documentary is finished, Stiltner said, the “Sober and Stoked” team plans to release the movie online for free and to go on a screening tour. The tour would include stops at rehabilitation centers and jails.

For more information about the movie, the movement and the mindset, visit, or find the Sober and Stoked team on Facebook and Instagram.