Millsboro book sale extends to a second weekend

The Millsboro Public Library’s used book sale will continue for its second weekend on Friday, July 28, from noon to 7 p.m. and Saturday, July 29, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

On Friday, books will be sold individually; paperback books sell for $1 and hardback books sell for $2. The sale will also feature CDs, DVDs and more.

On Saturday, books will be sold by the bag. Customers will be given bags with handles, and they can fill the bag with as many books as they can fit inside. Bags cost $5 each, and people can easily fit 20 books into a bag, said Friends of the Millsboro Public Library Co-Chairman Jan Thompson.

“We have been told that the sale is one of the best around,” said Thompson.

Volunteers alphabetize the books by author and sort out popular authors for easier shopping. The sale has a large variety of books, including children’s, young-adult, fiction, non-fiction, hobby, travel and large print books. The books are acquired through donations and library surplus.

The sale’s first weekend behind them, “Sales have been great, and there’s still a lot of books left,” Thompson said.

The sale is held in the Millsboro scout hut next to the library, and the group is able to have the sale for two weekends because the Boy Scouts are away camping for a month. This is the second year that the Friends of the Millsboro Pubic Library has extended the sale over two weekends.

The group, with the help of the scouts, moves books from the library to the hut. This year, they moved 450 boxes of books.

Thompson estimated there were about 40 books in each box, amounting to a total of about 18,000 books for sale this year, so even with a successful first weekend, there are thousands of used books left to sell, said Thompson.

Any books that don’t sell go to a company called G2 Liquidators, which then sells the books online. The company plans to open a bookstore in Laurel as well.

Any books that G2 Liquidators can’t use will go into producing paper pulp or insulation, but none of the leftover books go to the landfill, said Thompson.

Last year, there were about 120 boxes of books remaining after the sale, and Thompson estimated there will be even more boxes left after the sale this year. She noted that the sale has grown each year.

“Last year, we had more sales than the previous year, and we expect to have more sales this year than we did last year,” she said.

The Friends of Millsboro Public Library sponsors the sale and donates the proceeds to the children’s summer reading program at the library. The summer reading program needs funds for things such as craft supplies and entertainment, said Thompson.

The Friends of Millsboro Public Library has approximately 40 members, and about a dozen of them work on the sale. Thompson said her group’s work with the sale has led her and the other members to believe that print books are not dying.

“We don’t think the end of books is in sight,” said Thompson. She said that, two years ago, the volunteers asked book-sale customers about e-readers. They found that the general opinion was that e-readers were inconvenient for the beach and that people who had e-readers primarily used them for travel.

“We have been pleased with the sale,” said Thompson. “We are a group that works hard and loves books.”

For more information, call (302) 732-3216 or (302) 934-1113.