Area police warn people about driveway paving scam

Asphalt is the latest on the list of new scams. Con artists are travelling door-to-door to promise driveway paving services, but they just don’t deliver.

In Selbyville, “Subjects portrayed themselves as contractors for the municipality and told residents that their driveway must be repaved to bring it up to code,” the Town reported.

Town and state governments do not send contractors directly to households that aren’t up to code. They will send official notification letters.

In South Bethany, police received a complaint that one man had promised to put asphalt in a property owner’s driveway, but instead he just colored the gray rocks with black paint.

The painting-the-roses-red scam appears to follow in the footsteps of the old roofing and home improvement scams, in which a con artist promises repairs, but flees with the downpayment or with minimal repairs done.

“If you want your driveway paved, I would recommend calling a paving company, rather than waiting for someone to come to your door,” said South Bethany Police Chief Troy Crowson.

Anyone who has been contacted by a questionable contractor should notify their local police department or the Delaware State Police.