Barefoot Gardeners Club offering free Story Time in Fenwick

Coastal Point photos • Submitted: Susan Henickle reads a book about the American flag to the children.Coastal Point photos • Submitted: Susan Henickle reads a book about the American flag to the children.

The Barefoot Gardeners Club hosted its first Story Time in the Park of the summer season on the morning of Wednesday, July 5, at the town park adjacent to Fenwick Island Town Hall. The park features a butterfly garden, a gazebo and a playground, all of which are available to Story Time attendees.

Story Time started promptly at 10 a.m., when Susan Henickle introduced the ladies of the Barefoot Gardeners Club and politely asked the children to gather under the gazebo. The club members in attendance included Susan Henickle, Barbara McCoy, Mary Ellen Gonski, Sue Clark and Jennie Nedwick.

The July 5 Story Time combined both the club’s love for the environment and the Independence Day holiday, as the children listened to three book readings. It all began with a reading of a book about the creation of the United States’ flag. Henickle interacted with the children throughout, asking questions such as, “Who sewed the first flag?” and waiting for the children to answer.

Next, the club members transitioned away from Independence Day and brought out caterpillars in containers for the children to see. McCoy showed the children a diagram of the life cycle of a painted lady butterfly and read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Following the reading, McCoy and other members of the club walked the children to the butterfly garden on the edge of the park to observe the butterflies.

Story Time closed with a book about how to care for plants. Then, to finish the morning and the Story Time, the Barefoot Gardeners Club presented each child with a sunflower plant and a flag to take home.

“The theme of this year’s Story Time in the Park is the environment and how we can all make a difference,” said McCoy. “We’re planning on having the children sign a pledge to protect the environment at the final Story Time.”

The club has been in existence for more than 12 years and started reading to children a few years after the creation, McCoy said. This year, the club will host four weekly Story Times in the Park in the month of July, right under the gazebo. Most attendees during the first week were 5 or younger.

“Many of the children are actually grandchildren of members of the club,” said McCoy, smiling.

To attend the free Story Hour in the Park event on Wednesday, or any session throughout the rest of the summer, simply stop by the Fenwick Island Town Hall at 10 a.m. to check it out. For more information of the Barefoot Gardeners Club, find them on Facebook.