Library invites Old Timer’s Day crowd over for some kickball

The Selbyville Public Library is inviting community members of all ages to join in a game of kickball on June 17 to celebrate the 60th annual Old Timer’s Day.

With the intent of bringing education and entertainment to Selbyville’s yearly celebration, the library decided to launch its first Community Kickball, which will occur at the library’s parking lot from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.

With no cost to play, no pre-registration required and no age limit to participate, the game is intended to include as many community members and visitors as possible.

For library director Kelly Kline, who has also been in charge of setting up Community Kickball and developing the administrative side of the event, extending the game to people of all ages is an important part of the event. The inclusivity of the game aligns with the library’s dedication to creating a unified community.

Kline explained that kickball is a sport that does not require any specific skill set, which she noted is ideal for players of all ages.

“We just wanted to be inclusive and have whoever wanted to stop by be able to stop by,” Kline said. “It is also family-friendly.”

The library’s staff members are encouraging friends, family and visitors to drop by the library at any point during Old Timer’s Day to partake in the fun, learn about the library’s summer reading program and become more informed about the library and its initiatives.

Community Kickball is part of Selbyville Public Library’s mission to establish an informed community, along with numerous other programs that occur throughout the summer.

As the youth services coordinator who organizes children’s programs at the library, including Community Kickball, Shelly Purnell said she hopes the kickball event will create an opportunity for heightened knowledge about the library and its programs.

“I’m hoping to get the children here so that they can have fun and so that we can also educate them on what is going on here at the library this summer,” Purnell said.

Among the library’s programs is its summer reading program. During the summer reading challenge, children complete a time sheet keeping track of the amount of hours they read. The participants must complete a minimum of 10 hours of reading before they are eligible to attend a celebration at the end of the summer.

Other programs at the Selbyville Public Library during the summer include free lunches on the weekdays, a cursive writing class, an English class, a gardening program and more.

The eight staff members who work at the library aim to ensure that the children continue to learn even while school in not session, while still having fun.

“Selbyville is a small community,” Purnell said. “There are not many programs for children here in town, and the library is a safe place. A lot of children live at the library. It’s an educational place, and we try to make it fun.”

Not only will the Selbyville community be able to learn about the library from Community Kickball, but its members will also be able to commemorate Old Timer’s Day. During the classic car and truck show, cars, tractors and emergency vehicles from 1985 and older will line up along Church Street in Selbyville, and a live band, vendors, moon bounces, and arts and crafts will all make an appearance.

Combining a kickball game with an opportunity to celebrate, learn and enjoy, the Selbyville Public Library staff members said they hope to create a worthwhile experience that engages their surrounding community.

“Anything we do is for the good of the community, to keep people entertained and interested and for lifelong learning,” Kline said.