Music lessons offered to expand homeschool learning

Homeschooling gives families the freedom to better control their kids’ education. But they can lack some musical experiences, such as chorus and band lessons. So, starting this fall, longtime high school music teacher Mark Marvel will offer private daytime music lessons to individual students.

Marvel said he was inspired to expand his offerings by seeing homeschool families looking to include music in their children’s lives.

“They were doing a search see if there’s anyone in Sussex County who taught music lessons during the actual school day,” Marvel said.

“When they homeschool their kids, traditionally that’s the thing that the kids lose out on. They don’t get to participate [in gym] unless they take them to gymnastics,” Marvel said, and private music lessons take the place of a band or chorus class.

Based in Dagsboro, Marvel teaches electric, acoustic and bass guitar, all band instruments, percussion and mallets. His clients range from young first-time players to teenage County Band candidates, as well as adults and retirees who may have always wanted to play.

He also teaches music theory and arranging to high schoolers interested in studying music in college.

Additionally, any bands and choirs seeking musical arrangements of pop, classical or original songs can turn to Marvel.

“A lot of band and choral directors don’t know how to do it. Even if they do, they’re just so swamped,” Marvel said.

Retired from Indian River High School, Marvel out of necessity often arranged his own music for countless concerts and musicals, where he often conducted and played electric guitar, but also specialized in trumpet.

“I taught high school for 32 years and taught every instrument in the band,” said Marvel, who holds a master’s degree in music education from Salisbury University. “Even prior to that, I was teaching private guitar and bass lessons since I was 16.”

Meanwhile, he still rocks with some of his own former students in the band Over Time, found on local stages most weekends and summer nights.

“I’ve had adults … say, ‘I’d like to come see you play and talk about lessons,’” said Marvel, who recommends those folks to find the gig schedule at

Lessons typically last 30 minutes and are typically offered Tuesdays and Wednesdays. People can also inquire about times on Thursdays and Mondays.

Contact Mark Marvel for more information or prices, at (302) 539-7008, (302) 249-1799, or