Local drum circle aiming to ‘Raise the Vibration’

A local drumming group is hoping to expand its circle on Sunday, April 2, when Made By Hand International Co-op in South Bethany will host the group, inviting anyone who wants to come and see what drumming circles are all about.

The group, Drum It Up! Raise the Vibration, is an offshoot of a Millsboro-based circle called Sunfeather Drumming & Shamanic Journey Circle, according to group spokesperson Lisa Simmons.

Sunday’s event is the first of the group’s outreach into the community to spread the word about drumming circles. The Sunfeather group, which Simmons said has about 75 members and meets monthly, has been meeting for eight years.

“Any given circle will have, on average, about 12 people,” she said.

The group focuses on drumming as “more of a spiritual practice,” based on Native American drumming traditions, Simmons said, with the focus on drumming for “fun and for healing.” Circles typically last about three hours and are divided into social time, drumming and shamanic journey technique, which is a centuries-old practice through which participants strive “to access spiritual guidance and healing,” Simmons said.

Drum It Up is the group’s outreach into the community at large, and Simmons said the focus of its events will be community togetherness. She said she feels holding the event at Made By Hand makes for a natural partnership, since the art of drumming spans many cultures. She added that the group hopes to reach out to advocacy groups in the future, to form community links through drumming.

As for Sunday’s event, Simmons said the group aims to showcase the practice of drumming circles for a new audience and increase understanding and appreciation of its benefits.

“We hope that it’s a place where people can come, have fun, be creative and get to know each other,” Simmons said.

Dancing and movement will be encouraged, she said.

“I envision that people will bring different gifts and talents. We welcome all ages, all colors, all shape and sizes” to the circle, Simmons said. “This is a great forum to bring all kinds of people together.”

Sunday’s drumming celebration will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. at Made By Hand International Co-op, 34444 Coastal Highway, in the York Beach Mall. Participants may bring their own drums or rattles if they want to, or may borrow one at the event. The drumming circle will be held rain or shine.

For more information, check out the Drum It Up! Raise the Vibration page on Facebook, or email DrumItUpRTV@gmail.com.