Council discusses development change

The Town of Ocean View this week held the first reading of an ordinance to amend a condition for the residential planned community of Ocean View Beach Club.

In 2016, Windansea LLC, the developer of the Ocean View Beach Club, requested to amend a condition that was placed on the property when it was annexed into the town in 2007.

A condition of approval was that recreational facilities — for example, swimming pools and community buildings — should be constructed and opened to residents no later than the time of the issuance of the 60th certificate of occupancy.

The site plan was approved; however, the recreational facilities have since been revised and increased to include not only an outdoor swimming pool but an indoor pool, tennis courts and bocce ball court.

Due to the increase in amenities, Windansea has requested to change the requirement to one that recreational facilities — swimming pool and community buildings — have be constructed and open to use by the residents no later than the time of issuance of the 80th certificate of occupancy, extending the timeline of the requirement from 60 to 80 certificates of occupancy.

The town’s Planning & Zoning Commission met in October of last year and unanimously recommended amending the condition from 60 COs to 80.

Shawn Smith, developer for Windansea, told the council that they have always said they would build an indoor pool and have even advertised the amenity.

“It has not been designed, and it has not been laid out completely yet. That’s why we don’t want to put any regulation on the number of COs. The other reason is that, when we originally had this annexed into the Town, the clubhouse itself was only a 3,000-square-foot clubhouse with a small outdoor pool. We’ve greatly expanded that, and we’re trying not to be limited by our number of COs and push it to 80.

“We have broken ground on the clubhouse. We’ve done all the grading on the pool… We have started, and the schedule to deliver the clubhouse and the pool is still on track for the summer of 2017.”

Smith said he had only fielded a few phone calls regarding the start of the project and when the amenities were expected to be delivered.

Derek Johnson, who recently purchased a home in the neighborhood, voiced his concern that Windansea would potentially request to further increase the CO requirements for the construction of amenities. Johnson was also concerned with the developer meeting its goal of a summer 2017 completion.

Mayor Walter Curran said that, while he understands homeowner frustrations, the Town can only control milestones of a development. He noted that this was the first reading of the ordinance and that there would be another public hearing on the matter in February, prior to the council’s planned vote.

MVFC gives thanks, bids in on sidewalk project

The Town recently received a letter from the Millville Volunteer Fire Company, thanking them for their “support and cooperation during the implementation of the municipal wide discount ambulance subscription program.”

“This program is a collaborative effort to serve our community’s growing population. We are thankful the Town of Ocean View Town council stands with us and sees the need for the financial support from all residents within the incorporated area.”

Also reported by the Town this week, the Town received four sealed bids for the Hunters Run ADA Ramp & Sidewalk Replacement Project. The lowest bid was $109,520, from Sam’s Construction. The Town’s engineering firm, Kercher Engineering, reviewed the bid and noted it met all bid requirements. The council voted 4-0 to accept the bid.

Public Works Director Charles McMullen also thanked his staff for their work preparing the Town for the holiday season, by putting up lights and decorating Town Hall, the Wallace A. Melson Municipal Building, and John West Park. He also commended them for their work plowing the streets during the weekend’s snowstorm.

“I think they did a wonderful job plowing,” he said.