Ocean View BOA approves two setback variances

The Ocean View Board of Adjustment met last week to review a number of variance applications.

The board approved an application for a variance that would allow the construction of an addition to the rear of a home that would encroach 16.7 feet into the required 30-foot rear-yard setback. Submitted by property owner Chris Sullivant of Country Village, the enclosed addition would also attach to a porch on the home.

Sullivant told the board that, because of the unique placement of the house on the property, he has had issues with setbacks left and right since he purchased the home three years ago.

He said the Country Village HOA was aware of the application and approved of Sullivant’s plans.

Neighbor Michael Schaefer said Sullivant is a responsible neighbor and that he was in favor of the application.

Schaefer’s wife, Dana, testified that the addition to Sullivant’s house would benefit both property owners.

“The character and quality of the family is awesome,” said neighbor Scott Bird, voicing his support of the application. “Their goal is to make the place better.”

A Country Village resident whose home abuts the rear of Sullivant’s home said that while, he has nothing against the family personally, he was opposed to their application.

“[The room] would be very, very close to the property line… It feels so close,” he said.

He said he fears the addition could impact him if his family chose to sell their home in the future, as the closest room to the proposed expansion is the master bedroom.

The Board approved the variance with a vote of 4-1, with Board Member Jim LeGates opposed.

Asked if there was an appeals process, Public Works Director Charles McMullen said opponents could appeal the Board’s decision to the State’s Superior Court within 30 days of the date of approval.

The Board last week also unanimously approved an application submitted by Robert and Donna Veigle, for a variance to allow for the water’s edge of a pool they wish to install to encroach 6 feet into the required 30-foot rear-yard setback.

Robert Veigle said that only a wedge of the pool’s edge would encroach and that he didn’t believe it would have a detrimental effect on neighboring properties.

The Board approved that application with a 5-0 vote.