Haunted Dance House offers a terrifying twist

Dancing in the dark was never this spooky.

Lighthouse Dance & Yoga will become a Haunted Dance House on Friday, Oct. 28, from 7 to 11 p.m.

In a unique twist to the typical haunted house, the Route 54 attraction is filled with iconic villains and characters from famous classical ballets and other shows.

“You’ll never see these characters at another haunted house,” said owner Tikiri Shapiro. “So if you want a new scare during Halloween, you should definitely check this out.”

Guests will meet creepy Harlequin dolls, “Odile” the Black Swan from “Swan Lake,” a vampire ballet headmaster, ghosts and zombies from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

“There will be interludes that are thrown in, where you might see some really cool dance, some spooky dance,” Shapiro said. “You might see some jazz, contemporary, ballet.”

Guests will follow a pathway to spooky scenes. People can also stop to interact with characters.

“It’s not walk-in and walk-out. You can stay there for a while,” Shapiro said.

It’s also family-friendly, so characters will adjust the creepiness by age.

Children can bring a bag to trick-or-treat, and costumes are encouraged. Adults or children wearing particularly creative or dance-themed costumes might even win a free dance class voucher.

Cash, check or charge will be accepted at the door. Admission costs $10 for adults, or $5 for college students and those 18 or younger.

Lighthouse Dance & Yoga is located at 33195 Lighthouse Road, east of Selbyville. The websites are www.lighthousedanceandyoga.com and www.facebook.com/lighthousedanceandyoga. Details are available by calling (302) 564 7611.