Boardwalk Arts Festival set for Saturday in Bethany

The 38th Annual Boardwalk Arts Festival will get under way this Saturday, Sept. 10, with more than 100 artists from around the country slated to feature their work along the boardwalk in downtown Bethany Beach.

Jewelry, glass, pottery, watercolor and oil painting, photography, basketry and woodworking are just some of the artistic mediums set for display, with all work for sale.

Proceeds from the event will go to the Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation (QRCF), which will provide art scholarships for area students.

The festival begins at 10 a.m. and will span through 5 p.m., with local high school scholarship voting taking place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., to determine a $1,000 scholarship for one area junior and one area senior.

Here are a few of the artists that will featured at the event:

Sandra Webberking

(recycled metal work)

A resident of Springfield, Pa., Sandra Webberking has been making her way to Bethany for the Boardwalk Arts Festival for going on 15 years.

Webberking’s unique metal creations, made from mostly recycled materials, are not only her professional but what she went to school for at the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia.

She works mostly with recycled steel but also has been known to use ball bearings, glass insulators from telephone lines, old lanterns, and even old propane tanks, in her pieces.

“I’ve always enjoyed the fact that everything I’ve made, even back in college, was recycled — it’s part of it for me,” Webberking explained of her process. “I can hold on to things for years and years and then find something that works so perfectly.”

That’s exactly what happened with one of her latest pieces, a metal seahorse that she’ll be unveiling at the show.

“I knew I wanted to make a seahorse — I woke up in the middle of the night and said, ‘Wait — I think have a part that looks just like a seahorse head,’” Webberking recalled with a laugh. “Those parts kind of tell me what the piece is going to be.”

Bob Bohannon


Another veteran of the festival, Bob Bohannon will again bring his signature seashore carvings to the boards.

Bohannon said he typically gets his inspiration from “life and the energy of nature,” whether it be the ocean or the mountains, handcrafting every unique piece.

He also uses the natural color palette in his “water-fusing” and “flame-painting” techniques, giving each piece a kind of prism effect, in the sense that different angles give the piece different color effects.

His creations vary in size and can get up to more than 6 feet in size and 3 to 4 inches in depth, allowing him to create life-like contours.

Some of his works include sailfish, red drum, loggerhead turtles, “Old Salt” fishermen, pelicans and more.

George Kalwa

(fine art)

Painter George Kalwa is a newcomer to the Boardwalk Arts Festival, but has been creating art his entire life.

Growing up in Baltimore and graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Kalwa made a living as a courtroom illustrator, portrait painter, sign-maker, broadcast designer, animator and videographer.

His recent work is inspired by the sea, including “The Rescue” — an oil on canvas of an actual lifeguard rescue in progress that he painted on the scene last summer in Ocean City, Md.

Other work includes paintings of sailfish, seascapes, mermaids, sharks and more.

Alex Hossick

(handmade jewelry and accessories)

Originally from Baltimore but now living in New York and working as a jewelry designer for Tiffany & Co., Alex Hossick returns to the festival again this year to display her custom jewelry creations.

Hossick draws influence from the natural world, attempting to embody the forms and textures of all living organisms in her work through a unique combination of hand-carving and 3D computer modeling.

She said she aims to reflect vivid colors inspired from corals and the sea, in pieces ranging from rings and bracelets to earring and other accessories.