Hundley comes home to Millsboro to clean up town

Coastal Point • Kerin Magill: Tyler Hundley poses with his new powerwashing setup in front of DQ in Millsboro. Hundley is the president of Looks New Powerwashing.Coastal Point • Kerin Magill: Tyler Hundley poses with his new powerwashing setup in front of DQ in Millsboro. Hundley is the president of Looks New Powerwashing.It might seem like a long way from pursuing a music career in Nashville, but Tyler Hundley hopes his Millsboro power-washing business will be music to his customers’ ears.

Hundley, 26, is the president of Looks New Powerwashing and the proud owner of a new rig for the business, which he says is state-of-the-art and “the Ferrari of power-washers.”

A 2008 graduate of Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown, Hundley headed to Nashville, a young man with a dream of making it in the music business. While that didn’t pan out the way he had planned, a friendship with a fellow musician led to a business relationship with that same friend, in power-washing. He spent about four years learning the trade alongside his friend, soaking up the tricks of the trade and realizing that it was something he enjoyed — and that he was good at it.

Hundley said he sees power-washing as a “renovation business,” because it can bring a home or business “back to what it looked like when it was new.” Through a proprietary cleaning mixture and the use of very hot water, Hundley said, he can give property owners new leverage in marketing their home or their business.

“It puts the power back in the owner’s hands,” he explained, by giving the property its best face, which can turn the tables for the owner, from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. Hundley referred to a freshly power-washed property as having “that visual diamond look,” because it sparkles like it did when it was new.

With the equipment Hundley uses, that brand-new look doesn’t disappear after a few weeks. In fact, he guarantees his work for a full year.

Looks New Powerwashing serves both homeowners and businesses. Hundley said a clean business makes a much better impression on a customer, no matter the product or service offered by that business.

“When you’re a customer, it makes a difference in how you enjoy your service there and how you spend your money,” when the business is obviously well-maintained, he said.

While in Tennessee, Hundley learned the business by cleaning some large venues, including a college stadium that seats 40,000 people and has about 4 million feet of concrete. Because businesses need to be cleaned when there are no customers or workers, he became accustomed to working whenever the business wasn’t occupied — even if that was in the middle of the night.

“We work around the customer’s schedule,” he said.

Though he is young, Hundley has a mature outlook on what it takes to be successful.

“You have to do the best job possible,” he said, adding that it’s his goal with Looks New Powerwashing to run “a healthy business, a vibrant business. There’s a right way to do everything,” he said.

Although he has only been in business in Millsboro for four months, Hundley has already begun to clean up his hometown, one patch of concrete and one brick at a time. He recently signed contracts with the Millsboro Dairy Queen and the Millsboro Post Office for cleaning services.

One of the unique challenges at the DQ: Gum — decade-old gum. According to Hundley, the petrified, blackened gunk was no match for his equipment.

One of his most effective tools, he said, is the cleaning solution itself — which he called a “proprietary mix” of chemicals that is eco-friendly and “safe enough that you could wash your hands with it.” The “elixir,” as he called it, is “great for cleaning, killing mold and lifting algae.”

Both Tyler Hundley and his mother and business consultant, Diana Hundley, see a definite link between Tyler’s artistic pursuits as a drummer and his newest venture.

“This is an art,” Diana Hundley said. “He creates a whole different finished product. … He’s passionate. He puts his whole heart into what he does.”

As for Tyler Hundley, he said he hopes to “give back” to his hometown. Sprucing up the outside of a place, he said, “makes people have a pride about where they live.”

“I hope and pray our efforts will be well received,” he said.

For more information on services offered by Looks New Powerwashing, call Tyler Hundley at (302) 569-0172 or (302) 430-6516.