Millsboro council to take action on speed limit concerns

When the Millsboro town council meeting got underway on Monday night, Plantation Lakes resident Neil Dickerson got up to talk to the council about an issue that had yet to be addressed, calling for a speed limit reduction on Route 24 headed into town.

The limit currently set at 45 miles per hour had been reduced from 55 miles per hour previously, but Dickerson, along with other residents speaking out at the meeting, are still concerned with high speeds in the area.

“I’ve been up here before about the speed limit. We met with DelDOT and they had promised us that they would reduce it significantly,” Dickerson stated. “45 miles per hour, I don’t feel is that significant of a reduction.”

Dickerson went on to explain that he and members of the Plantation Lakes community sought to get the speed reduced to 35 iles per hour, asking for the council’s support after not getting help in their battles with DelDOT on the matter in the past.

“The other mayor refused to meet with us or meet with DelDOT,” said Dickerson. “I’m pleading with you from the community to have your support to move forward with this to get the speed limit reduced to 35.

“We’re moving forward in January with a bill to see if we can get all city limits within the state of Delaware reduced to one speed. We’re asking you as our Mayor to help us, fight with DelDOT, give us a letter of support, give us some backing, so we can move forward with this.”

Dickerson also added that the reason DelDOT has refused to reduce the speed limit was based off a study conducted in December of 2013. But with the Plantation Lakes community closing in on 500 homes, the council seemed to agree that it may be time for a new study, appointing a committee to look into the matter.

“They’re probably going to want to do another study,” explained councilman Brad Cordrey. “The last one is over two years old.”

Cordrey went on to make a motion that the council request a new study and report back on their findings.

The next regularly scheduled town council meeting is set for Monday, Dec. 7, at 7 p.m.