State grant adds ‘grandeur’ to Cupola Park

Coastal Point • Submitted: Cupola Park has been dressed up a bit this year, with new paths and more.Coastal Point • Submitted: Cupola Park has been dressed up a bit this year, with new paths and more.Cupola Park is rather stony-faced this year. But that’s a good thing, with new hardscaping to dress up Millsboro’s town park after the Garden Club of Millsboro won a $5,000 community improvement grant through state Rep. Rich G. Collins.

State legislators get a certain amount of money to do community improvement, said club member Jamie Doane. The Millsboro Garden Club wanted to add some gravitas to the park, laying paver paths in two areas of the park.

“We felt the park needed a little facelift, and it’s really perfect timing,” Doane said.

She expressed gratitude to Collins for pushing for Millsboro to get that grant funding.

They expanded the concrete pad around the flagpole and added some pathways, which lead to the existing memorial garden and benches.

“We’ve opened it up now, and it gives the flag more grandeur, I think, and what it deserves,” Doane said.

The contractors finished the stonework just before a ribbon-cutting and memorial event on Sept. 11.

“I was honored to be a part of this event,” Collins stated. “The Garden Club of Millsboro was formed to beautify the town. This project is their latest successful effort in furthering their ongoing mission. We’re blessed to have such a dedicated group of volunteers who want to do nothing more than improve the quality of life for all the residents of our community.”

“We’re just trying to dress up the park. We’d love to get another grant next year … to keep it beautified for the future,” Doane said.