Cordrey, Kells elected to Millsboro council

The results are in.

With a total of 172 votes, Bradley A. Cordrey has officially been elected to the open “District 1” council seat over Bob H. Ryan (106 votes), and James C. Kells has landed the “District 3” seat after tallying 221 votes, defeating Irene H. Keenan (82 votes).

While Millsboro’s newest councilmen have each expressed similar goals in representing their community, they each also bring unique backgrounds and experience to the job.

A lifelong resident of the town and local law-enforcement officer, Cordrey knows the area well and said he is ready to represent it on a new medium.

“A lot of my life has been devoted to public service,” said Cordrey of his 12 years with local police departments. “I’m here to serve the community. That’s why people vote you in — you’re supposed to be their voice. And that’s what I’m here to do.”

Growing up in the area, Cordrey said that he hopes that the fact that many people already know him makes him more approachable when it comes to bringing forth residents’ concerns to the council.

“I think a lot of people in the community know my family and they know me, I’ve been here all my life,” he explained. “That might make it easier to approach me if they have an issue.

“If you pay taxes in town, you should be able to come state your concerns and have them addressed. My platform running was I wanted to be the community’s voice.”

One of Cordrey’s main focuses is ensuring that the town sees proper growth.

“I know, when I was younger, there were a lot of things that weren’t in Millsboro,” he said. “I feel that the town has grown, and it’s going to continue to grow on the residential side and on the business side.

“I’ve got two kids. I want to be able to build Millsboro up. I think I have a lot to offer when it comes to that aspect.”

With a master’s degree in public administration and more than 35 years of experience working for the Department of Public Welfare, Kells said he is excited to be able to continue to serve the public since retiring to the area from Pennsylvania.

“I’m feeling rejuvenated,” said Kells. “I want to get back to helping the community.”

As a resident of Plantation Lakes in Millsboro for more than a year, Kells said that his main reason for running for council was to be able to give a voice to the people of the community that he now calls home.

“I wanted to make sure that the people of District 3 get their fair representation,” he said. “Being retired, I have the time that I can invest that I can put towards that.”

Like Cordrey, Kells also sees the town growing and hopes to help solve current issues, such as downtown congestion.

“I see [the town] growing,” he noted. “We have to make sure that we do it in a responsible manner and we take into account everybody’s input that’s also a part of this community.”

Both councilmen will be sworn in and get their chance to start representing their respective districts at the next regularly scheduled town council meeting, on Monday, July 6, at 7 p.m.