Massey’s Landing gets boost from county council

The Sussex County Council approved a change of zone and a conditional use of land in an AR-1 Agricultural Residential District for a campground in Long Neck at its Dec. 10 council meeting.

The request was filed on behalf of Ida C. Faucett, Faucett Heirs, LLC and Massey’s Landing, for the property spanning approximately 50.83 acres. Castaways at Massey’s Landing will offer 322 sites for recreational vehicles and 10 tent-camping sites.

Among the conditions of approval, the park will have to have a 200-foot buffer from any structure or lands surrounding the property. Motorized watercraft may not be sold or leased from the property, or launched from the site.

“If we’re going to have a campground, let’s have a campground,” said councilman George Cole.

Cole also requested that the Planning and Zoning Commission review the site and determine the appropriate percentage of park models, RV and primitive campsites allowed throughout the campground.

“It gives the county a little control,” he explained. “Go look at some of these older campgrounds… they don’t look a thing like a campground.”

Councilman Vance Phillips voiced concerned that the County did not have the ability to police such a condition, and added that the market place should determine what kind of sites this park offers.

“This is something that goes to a whole different level,” he said.

The conditional use was approved with a 4-1 vote, with councilwoman Joan Deaver opposed, citing great public opposition.

“I feel very strongly that it should be denied,” said Deaver.

Earlier in the meeting, the council also approved a change in zone from a MR Medium Density Residential District to an AR-1 Agricultural Residential District with a 4-1 vote, with Deaver opposed.