Carroll withdraws from county council race, supports Cole

Last week, Sussex County District 4 hopeful Bill Carroll formally withdrew as a candidate for county council.

“I really enjoyed the bit that I did. I renewed a lot of friendships and acquaintances. I had fun. I had fun going out there,” said Carroll of campaigning.

Carroll had filed in February to run as a Republican in the November election. At that time, no one else had filed for the seat, which is currently held by George Cole. But Cole filed for reelection earlier this month.

“He had pretty much indicated for the last four years or so that he wasn’t going to run, so I filed,” said Carroll of Cole. “Then, after he made the decision to run for reelection, he asked me to support him. I agreed to do that, so I dropped out of the race and I’m supporting George.”

Carroll said that he and Cole have been friends for many years, as have their families.

“George is one of the first people I met. I met him on the Little League field when his son George Jr. and my son Will were trying out for Little League. We’ve known each other for a long, long time and feel connected. He’s already there and wants to run again. For the sake of family ties and friendship, I’d withdraw and support him.

“It’s one of those things — even if you won, you’d lose.”

As for a future bid at political office, Carroll said it could be a possibility.

“I would consider that and other options, as well. We never know what the future has for us.”

Currently, only Cole and Democrat Shirley Price have filed for the District 4 seat. The deadline for filing is July 8.

“I hope he wins,” said Carroll of Cole. “Given the choices that the voters have, I think George is by far the best candidate. I really feel that way.”