Concerts in the Park continue in Millsboro

Millsboro continues to bring music to its residents with its annual Concerts in the Park series, running through the summer. With a lineup of groups booked, and a concert already under its belt, the town is ready to bring residents more summertime fun.

“It was all based on recommendations from other people or groups that had appeared here before and were welcomed by the residents of this area,” explained Town Manager Faye Lingo of the concerts.

On Sunday, July 14, Dirt Road Outlawz will perform, with Mercy’s Well to play on Sunday, Aug. 11, followed by the Jones Boys on Sunday, Aug. 25. All of the concerts are in Cupola Park, beginning at 5 p.m. and ending at 7 p.m.

“They’ve all performed here before,” said Lingo. “Originally, we were trying to do one a month but ended up having to shuffle around some dates.”

In years past, the concerts have included vendors; however, Lingo said that currently none are scheduled. She added that the concerts draw anywhere from 50 to 200 people, depending on the weather and the date.

“It’s a small thing by certain standards, but for a small area, a small park in a local community, it’s a good night.”

Lingo said the family-friendly nights are enjoyed by all and are a perfect way to celebrate the summer.

“People enjoy them,” she said. “It’s a relaxed atmosphere. They bring their lawn chairs. There’s some benches there, but most bring their lawn chairs and sit out there and just listen, relax and socialize a bit. They get to see some friends or neighbors that they maybe don’t get to see every week. There’s a playground nearby where the kids can go play. It makes it nice.”

She added that she hopes people who have yet to attend a concert will join those who make it out for all of them — pick a night and join the town in its park for a little music and fun.

“We’ve very proud of our Cupola Park. We’d love to have people come out and enjoy.”

For more information on the concerts, call Millsboro Town Hall at (302) 934-8171.