Millsboro Civic Center reopens after renovations

Over the past year, Millsboro Town Hall has been receiving a facelift, with an asbestos abatement that included the replacement of the tile flooring in the main hall, lobby, bathroom, small meeting rooms and carpeted areas.

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: Millsboro Civic Center received a facelift during the renovations of the MIllsboro Town Hall.Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark:
Millsboro Civic Center received a facelift during the renovations of the MIllsboro Town Hall.

The town staff has since been able to move back into the main building, while the abatement process has continued in the town hall’s former chambers.

Amy Simmons, executive director of the Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce, said that she is excited to begin renting out the updated civic center.

“I think, with the upgrades and the newness, we will have even more rentals than in the past,” she said.

Simmons has been the rental agent for the civic center since July of 2010 and has helped book more than 100 events. With the upgrades, she said, it will be an even better venue for events.

“There’s a total transformation. People who had been in the hall before the renovation don’t believe how different it looks in there. It’s much more updated and modern. The way you enter the hall now, it looks much bigger than it is now. It looks like a very large space.”

The hall has a seating capacity of 299, and available rental options include tables and chairs, as well as access to the stage, sound system and more.

“The stage has been completely redone. We have seven different settings for lighting. We have a surround-sound system. There is a projector and screen that people can use. It’s a completely different color in there. It’s a cream color, with a little bit of brown, so that it can go with any color.”

Renting the hall requires a minimum of six hours for a $600 fee, with any time above that costing an additional $100 per hour.

“Prices have not jumped a great deal,” said Simmons of the costs. “A security deposit must be put down. People will be refunded that money if everything is cleaned up and nothing is broken. Tables and chairs come with, but it all must be broken down. The renter has to set up and break down the tables and chairs.”

The upgraded kitchen, which boasts a stove, refrigerator, ice machine, dishwasher and microwave, may also be used for an extra minimal fee.

“We are not going to be having people cook, per se, in the kitchen. They can warm up food there. Many of our events, caterers bring in food, so there’s no real need for cooking. We are not set up for people to actually cook in the kitchen,” she noted.

The first official event being held in the new hall will be the 18th Annual Central Sussex Bridal Show, on March 3, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“We’re really excited that the very first thing that is going to be in the hall is the 18th Annual Central Sussex Bridal Show, because it was the last thing in the old hall,” said Simmons. “With weddings, most of the time we have receptions on Saturdays. We do allow anyone who rents in the weekends to come in on Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., while we are open, to decorate and set up for the following day’s event.”

Simmons said she enjoys being the rental agent for the hall and hopes that people will see how wonderful the new space is for any occasion.

“I enjoy doing it,” she said. “It’s a lot of fun to see the brides excited when they come in. The same with anniversaries, birthday parties, graduation parties — people are really excited. It’s a fun thing to do.”

For more information, or to reserve the hall, contact Amy Simmons at the Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce at (302) 934-6777 or visit