State officials: Millsboro’s former Vlasic plant may have buyer

Earlier this week, state Rep. John Atkins (D-41st) informed the Millsboro Town Council that an unnamed company was interested in purchasing the former Vlasic plant located in Millsboro.

“I can’t give any specifics, but I spoke to the Department of Agriculture, Alan Levin and the Governor’s Office — they’re in negations with someone to purchase the Vlasic plant property,” Atkins told the council.

“There’s also a company in Germany that produces Dole foods. They had met with the people at Vlasic, but it looks more like it’ll be the company that John’s talking about,” added state Sen. Gerald Hocker (R-20th).

Atkins said that, when Vlasic had 130 fulltime employees and 330 seasonal employees, while the interested company would provide approximately 700 fulltime jobs.

“I’ve been told it should become official around the first of March,” added Atkins.

Councilwoman Irene Keenan asked Atkins what company was interested in the plant, but Atkins said he was not at liberty to disclose that information.

“The rumor is it’s a poultry plant, and they’re going to use it to cool chicken. It’s a company that has their brand of frozen chicken in the supermarkets,” responded Mayor Robert Bryan.

Atkins said that he had also met recently with Delaware Department of Transportation officials and had been assured that the planned Millsboro bypass is the top priority among Sussex County projects.

“I asked a question specifically about timeframe, and the Secretary said it was still five years away, as far as construction,” he said.

“All of the Sussex County representatives have made Millsboro the No. 1 priority. That should be the next stage they’re working on,” added Hocker. “We want you to know that Millsboro is a top priority for all of Sussex County.”