Millsboro Town Hall renovations on schedule

Renovations to Millsboro Town Hall began last April, and according to Assistant Town Manager Matt Schifano, things are right on schedule.

Some areas of the town hall are under renovation now, including the entranceway, bathrooms, staff offices and the auditorium.

“We’re looking at a potential move-in in beginning of 2013,” said Schiffano. “We have paint on the walls, the bathroom has tile in it. Our filing system should be installed over the next couple weeks before Thanksgiving. Everything seems to be going along smoothly.”

At the town’s November meeting, council voted unanimously to allow Town Manager Faye Lingo to purchase new furniture for the town offices. Lingo said that the town had only purchased one new desk in the last five years.

“That way the staff can have the new desks set, that way they move into their new desk,” she said.

Schiffano also brought up the need to look at parking lot lighting, as it had not been included in the renovation bid package. Lighting for the town hall’s clock, entryways, flagpole and sunken lighting in the overhang were included.

Schiffano said he had spoken with Delmarva Power about parking lot lighting and was given two options. One option would be approximately $6,000 with no upfront costs.

“The lighting would be coming from the outside of the parking area down into the parking area. It would be up on poles kind of like utility poles.”

Option two would cost approximately $14,000 and would have four standing poles in the parking lot area, similar to a shopping center parking lot. Schiffano said the jump in price is because Delmarva Power would have to bore holes under the lot and connect wire to poles on the road.

Schiffano noted that with lights installed by Delmarva Power, the town would have to pay for the usage of the lights for a minimum of three years.

Council said they liked option one’s price better, however councilman Greg Hastings said in terms of lighting needs, option two suits the town’s needs more.

Hastings requested that the town seek an estimate for lighting from engineering firm Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc. and would discuss the option at a later date.