Girls look for net improvement

For the Indian River girls’ tennis team, it’s not about winning or losing — it is simply about improvement.
Coastal Point • RUSLANA LAMBERT: An Indian River tennis player returns a volley during a recent practice.Coastal Point • RUSLANA LAMBERT:
An Indian River tennis player returns a volley during a recent practice.

The Indians only won two matches out of 12 last season as Indian River looks to continue building their program.

“Some of our girls are still working on the basics or trying to break bad habits but the most important thing is to improve everyday,” said head coach Elizabeth Tiffany.

Tiffany has only seven players so far this season — which is somewhat fortunate because that is the minimum required amount of players to compete.

“Right now we need a few more girls. Hopefully we’ll get some more girls when the other sports make cuts,” said Tiffany. “Anytime there is a new coach some athletes want to see how things go before they commit themselves.”

Athletes rest assured — this isn’t Tiffany’s first season as head tennis coach. Tiffany was forced to stop coaching due to tendonitis in 1999, but she is more than excited to rejoin the team.

“Coach Sears did a great job last year, but I’m looking forward to coaching the team again,” said Tiffany. “I just want everyone to have a good time.”

Of the 12 players they had last year, five have graduated and a couple others have switched sports, so it will be an uphill climb this season for the girls tennis team.

With so much inexperience on the team, Tiffany will look to senior Jackie Powers to anchor her squad this year.

“Jackie did very well last year in the state tournament and I would expect her to only get better this year,” said former head coach Dana Sears.

The Indians also will return their only pair of sisters — Alison and Erica Evans — to the team. “They are very well-rounded individuals ... very smart and are very coachable. They are so eager to learn,” said Sears.

“We have a very intelligent team this year. Almost every one of my girls will win academic awards this year,” said Tiffany. Intelligence may be the determining factor this year for the lady Indians as they take on the competition this year.

“The girls have a very good understanding of the strategy involved in the game. They know where they want to put the ball but they will have to improve their skills and concentration to compete this season,” said Tiffany.

Overall, this should be a good experience as the Lady Indians tennis team learns to compete, and to have fun playing a game they enjoy. The Lady Indian’s tennis team will participate in local fund-raisers with Sea Colony in order to pay for private lessons.

“Most of our team is working class and doesn’t have the same exposure to the sport

(as others might), but hopefully this opportunity will enable students to try something they haven’t had the chance to do yet,” said Tiffany.