Flute & Lute make it a musical evening

Coastal Point • Submitted: Mark Marvel and Phoebe Walls play serene sounds in the new musical duo Flute & Lute.Coastal Point • Submitted: Mark Marvel and Phoebe Walls play serene sounds in the new musical duo Flute & Lute.How about a little night music? Flute & Lute is a new musical duo adding ambiance to special events. Flute & Lute is available for restaurants, private parties and wedding ceremonies. The musicians are guitarist Mark Marvel and flutist Phoebe Walls.

“A lot of wedding ceremonies use flute and guitar,” Marvel said. “It’s just beautiful together, especially [with] guitar playing the chords, flute playing the melody. It’s beautiful. … It’s real popular.”

The pair will be in the dining room at Doyle’s restaurant in Selbyville on Saturday, Sept. 2, from 5 to 8 p.m.

It’s all instrumental — no singing. Some songs are classical, including Bach and Pachelbel, and others are classics, such as “Beyond the Sea” and “Moon River.” The musicians sway from the Beatles to the gentle ballads of John Denver and Celine Dion.

“Every once in a while, you play a song that hits a chord with somebody, and they set down the knife and fork and applaud,” Marvel said.

Otherwise, it’s pleasant background music to elevate a dinner or party.

After teaching countless high-schoolers in his 32 years in education, Marvel now teaches all ages in private music lessons. Meanwhile, he still rocks with more of his former students in the rock cover band Over Time, found on local stages most weekends.

“I’ve gigged with people in the past with flute and guitar,” Marvel said. “Phoebe and I were talking about it, thought it might be fun.”

Walls is currently a music major at the University of Delaware. Under Marvel’s direction in high school, Walls played flute and sang, branching into oboe and bass guitar. She was a drum major at Indian River High School before graduating in 2015.

“She’s a really good musician, and I thought it would be a really good combination to work together,” Marvel said.

For booking information, contact Mark Marvel at (302) 249-1799.