BREAKING NEWS: Bradley appeal heard by state Supreme Court

The Delaware Supreme Court stood in recess on June 13 after hearing arguments in the appeal of Earl Bradley.

Last August, the former Lewes pediatrician was sentenced to 14 life sentences, plus an additional 164 years in prison, on five counts of assault in the second degree and five counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

In his appeal, public defender Robert Goff argued that the police search of Bradley’s Lewes office in 2009, which uncovered a digital “thumb drive” containing child pornography, was not covered under the warrant. He argued that the warrant sought only medical files related to the treatment of his alleged victims.

Deputy Attorney General Paul Wallace argued that the thumb drive was admissible, as it was recovered while it was inserted into Bradley’s own computer, in his office located in an outbuilding behind his medical practice.

No date for judgment in the appeal has been set.

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