The greatest weekend of all is now upon us

Allow me to address the very esteemed court of public opinion regarding the significance of the weekend ahead of us. It is my argument that this is indeed the greatest of all the 52 weekends we see in a year, and that is saying a lot. After all, your honor, weekends generally rock.

Coastal PointI willingly allow that there are many weekends that deserve to at least be in the team picture of the greatest weekends on Earth. The fine people of this very community, for example, have a particular fondness for Memorial Day weekend. It is traditionally the time that our vacationers begin to make their annual pilgrimages to the shore, and our local businesses come to life. It is also a time to break out the barbecue grills and steam pots, open the pools and generally just start getting into summer mode.

Your honor, it’s a fine weekend, to be sure. You get no arguments from me.

Another weekend certain to generate discussion, particularly here, is Labor Day weekend. Business owners begin to be able to breathe again after a busy summer, the roads clear up a little bit and parents are openly high-fiving each other in the streets because the schools will soon be watching their children again during the day. Again, it is a great weekend for barbecues, picking crabs and listening to music outside with your friends.

Labor Day weekend, as was the case with Memorial Day weekend, is a great weekend. We openly agree with the merits of both of these fantastic weekends, and in no way disparage all that they bring to the table.

That being said, allow me to argue the merits of the weekend before us.

Those of us who enjoy sports are soaking in the joys of paradise this weekend. The NCAA tournament will officially be in full swing, and we will know the participants in the “Sweet 16” by Sunday evening. I will allow that this isn’t necessarily a good thing for me personally, as my brackets have typically blown up by this point and I’m left gnashing my teeth over how the teams I picked can’t hit a shot or the refs have colluded together to take the side of Ryan Saxton’s teams and I’m left with one team standing that has no chance of beating the top-ranked team in the country in the next round and ...

But I digress.

If college basketball isn’t your thing, but you still enjoy sports, take heart. Baseball is fully in to its exhibition season, the NBA and NHL are getting into the serious time of the season and people are racing very fast cars in circles. Never to be outdone, the NFL opened up its free agency season this past Tuesday, and saw a flurry of activity right off the bat — including some impressive signings by the Washington Redskins (who, by the way, will still stink next year, Drew).

Intriguing evidence, right? Well, with permission from the court, I would like to present the strongest piece of evidence yet — the exhibit that is certain to tilt the scales of justice toward the truth. Well, my truth, anyway.

Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day. Let me rephrase that, if you’ll indulge me. St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday this year.

I’ll just let that soak in for a minute.

There really isn’t any reason for me to continue this thought. If you are of Irish descent, you know exactly what this fortuitous turn of events means. If you are not of Irish heritage, well, we welcome you with open arms and a bottle of Jameson.

This means that we can all pay the proper homage to good St. Patrick without fear of repercussions. Actually, let me rephrase that: Those of us who do not have to work Sunday or get up early to head to Atlantic City that day (you know who you are) will be able to partake fully in the celebrations.

Of course, it’s not all about imbibing adult beverages on this day. This is a time to remember St. Patrick’s contributions to the spirituality of the Irish people and his ability to explain the Holy Trinity through the simple visual aid of a shamrock.

Your honor, and the fine people who comprise this illustrious jury, I rest my case. Erin go bragh!