Holiday concert to be held at St. George's Chapel on Sunday

If you’re still in the Christmas spirit, then you may want to put off taking down your Christmas tree and consider attending Prince George’s Chapel’s annual Olde Christmas Musical Celebration on Sunday, Jan. 8.

The annual event, sponsored by the Friends of Prince George’s Chapel, is usually held on the first Sunday of the New Year to give families the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season one last time.

“December is very busy for just about everyone,” said Friends board member and Secretary Kim Frey. “All the church choirs and church groups are usually booked up. So it’s kind of a nice time to have it then. Then you’re not cramming it into the holiday season. And as the season ends up, it’s really nice to have something special to do to remember it.”

The event will begin at 1:30 p.m. and will last approximately an hour and a half, with refreshments served following the performances.

“Basically, the Musical Celebration just ends the Christmas season,” added Frey. “We invite local churches and musical groups. A lot of times families will sing, just to provide some Christmas entertainment for the end of the Christmas season.”

Before the musical celebration begins, the Rev. Joe Barth of Dagsboro Bethel United Methodist Church will open the event with a prayer.

“Different people that sing or play music,” said Morris of the concert. “Choirs, the bell choir from Bethel church, will be playing there.”

The event is free and open to the public, but Frey said that donations, however small, are always welcome.

“It is a free event. Usually there are some light refreshments and snacks afterward. But anyone who wants to donate, it’s a huge help, because we do try to keep the maintenance up on the building. It’s a state-owned building, but we pay for its regular maintenance, all the heating costs and electricity and that kind of thing.”

The Friends of Prince George’s Chapel started in the 1980’s, when Margaret Morris, the group’s president, was visiting her husband’s grave in the mid-18th century Anglican church‘s cemetery.

“[The church] was closed. It kept bothering me, because it was closed,” recalled Morris. “There was a car there from Dover. They were walking around the church. Miss Smarty me, I walk over to him and asked him why the church was closed. He said it was due to lack of funds.”

Morris got a group together, and now the church is a maintained with the support of the community through the efforts of the Friends group.

“We wanted to keep it alive, even though they don’t have regular services there,” said Morris.

“The people in the Dagsboro area just love that building. They love the history of it and they really try to support,” added Frey. “It is a help to have the community support. I think it’s getting a little more difficult, with the way the economy is right now, to carry on with historic events because a lot of times people will set those types of things aside. But we are still trying to maintain the building and keep it going. So it is a help to have any support at all from the community.”

Of the Musical Celebration event, Frey said she hopes the community will come out to support the chapel and enjoy a day of holiday music.

“I just hope that it’s a wonderful day and a blessing to those that attend. It’s usually a very happy, joyful afternoon.”

Prince George’s Chapel is located at 101 Chapel Lane in Dagsboro.