Frankford council making a banking change

Frankford town council decided this week to move all of their accounts to Bank of Delmarva.

Town council president Jesse Truitt read aloud a letter from M&T Bank that stated that they will not be handling the recording or handling of transfer tax accounts anymore and the town discussed what their next move was. After a motion to transfer that account to Bank of Delmarva, to be able to deal with a smaller, more personal bank, there was another motion to move all of the accounts to Bank of Delmarva, which is a little more than $243,000 in total including the general fund, street aid, water capital reserve fund, the sinking fund, and the water plant money market construction account.

“They are on a smaller scale,” said Terry Truitt of Bank of Delmarva. “They have more branches and are more individualized. They recognize you and address you by name.”

The council had discussed what they were going to do after the bank stopped handling the transfer tax recording/handling this summer, and on attorney Dennis Schrader’s recommendation to find a bank closer to the circle in Georgetown, where the town could do their banking and the handling of the transfer tax account themselves, they waited to make any decision, explained Truitt, until this week.

Also this week, the town approved a motion “after the fact” to purchase upgrade software for their QuickBooks. They also tabled a discussion on holiday schedules, training reimbursement and monthly reports, an “old business” item they have continued to table for months now.

Chief William Dudley reported that there were 31 speed arrests from Nov. 7 to Dec. 4 and 58 violations including driving, registrations and miscellaneous violations, two criminal arrests, and 23 calls for service.

He said he and Terry Truitt and councilman Ronald Atherton met with representatives from Norfolk Southern and representative John Atkins about the fate of other railroad tracks in town after the tracks at Daisy Avenue had been repaired. He said he was told the other crossways in town could be done “by the end of the year,” but didn’t want to make any promises.

Resident Jerry Smith read aloud a complaint about recent treatment by Chief Dudley in the citizens privilege part of the meeting before being told it “wasn’t the time or the place.”

“What is your complaint?” asked Jesse Truitt. “Your three minutes is up, this isn’t the time or place. “

“We don’t argue these things out in public,” added councilwoman Cheryl Workman, when asked by Smith what the correct time and place were.

“I wanted it ackowledged publicly,” said Smith.

“You can put it in the paper if you want it public,” answered Jesse Truitt, reiterating that the council would review the complaint and Smith would have an answer at the next meeting. Later, Terry Truitt said the complaint would not be dealt with in public and Smith would be addressed by the town attorney.

"We don’t address police personnel issues in a public forum like that,” she said. “There is proper protocol.”