Earth Day marked at Good Earth Market

Good Earth Natural Market and Organic Farm held its annual Earth Day celebration this past Saturday, April 25.

Coastal Point • Monica Fleming: Sposato employee Mario Flores gets some help mulching from manager Jay Owen and Charlie McMullen from the town of Ocean View on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22.Coastal Point • Monica Fleming
Susan Ryan poses with a sign boasting the benefits of organic.

Customers came in and could learn about solar energy, including rebates and incentives, catch up on all the health and environmental benefits of organic foods, and, of course, taste some, too.

“We’ve always marked Earth Day in some way,” said owner Susan Ryan. “One of these days we’ll do something really big, like a festival!”

Ryan said the big thing this year for people is home gardens. With even the White House getting in on the health and environmental aspects of organic gardening with the planting of their 1,100-square-foot “kitchen garden,” 2009 seems to be the year of the home garden and shouting out the importance of local, fresh produce.

“With the farmer’s markets coming up, we’re going to sell seedlings,” said Ryan. “People that have never planted before are planting this year. When you can buy a tomato plant for $2 and get 30 pounds of tomatoes… You do the math!”