To furnish one’s iPod with accessories.
To wear or select accessories for one’s iPod according to the latest fashions.

Since purchasing my iPod back in April, I’ve bought several accessories for it, ranging from an A/V cable, so that I can hook it up to my home stereo, and video equipment to a stereo adapter made by Pioneer that hooks it to the Pioneer stereo in my car — which allows me to control my iPod from my stereo and get the best possible sound out of my digitized music, all while my iPod charges.
With all the iPod lingo going around these days, I’ve decided to call such accessorizing, “iPoderizing.”

Accessories abound for the little white gadget, from docks with speakers to docks that record your favorite shows straight to the iPod. You can buy protective cases made from silicon (I own one of these) to clear, protective hard plastic cases (my wife, Rosi, has one for her Nano). You can buy FM transmitters for easy, wireless listening in your car or home. There are armbands, stickers to customize the look of your iPod, a restroom toilet paper iPod dock with speakers and much more.

With the iPod being such a blockbuster product, I’ve decided to gather some of the more interesting accessories and the ones I’ve either found useful or reallly want.

iPod dock + speakers

There are three integrated dock/speaker systems that really caught my eye when I was searching for them online. One is Apple’s own iPod Hi-Fi. It features three speakers, two 80-mm wide range and one 130-mm woofer. Frequency response ranges from 53Hz to 16kHz ± 3 dB. It can be portable, using 6 D-cell batteries. It’s on the expensive side at $349 on Apple’s Website.

The other obvious choice is Bose’s SoundDock. At $299 it has a hefty price, too, but with Bose sound quality. I couldn’t find any technical specifications on Bose Website, but I’ve had the chance to play with one, and it does sound relatively good, considering the size of the dock and speaker system.

My third choice, and a must-have for any self-respecting man, is Atech’s iCarta Stereo Dock for iPod with Bath Tissue Holder. Now how cool is this? A dock/speaker system for the bathroom? This unit features four moisture-free speakers (two tweeters and two woofers,) integrated bath tissue holder, that folds closed for portability as a regular stereo iPod dock. Plus it charges your iPod while it’s plugged into the dock. Rosi are you paying attention? Christmas is coming quick!

Cases/purses etc.

I have a iSkin eVo 3 for my 30GB iPod with Video. It’s kept my iPod scratch free and allows me to wear the iPod on my belt or on my pocket. I love this case. I have been eyeing some of the other iSkin cases though — some of them are real slick. You can check them out at www.iskinprotect.com.

For the ladies I found some purses that look pretty stylish (shhhhhh, don’t tell my wife, one them could be a birthday present or Christmas present.) Delapod (www.delapod.com) seems to have some pretty interesting bags with a wide variety of styles and different patterns/colors for each. They range in the $50-$100 area.

If you own a Shuffle or a Nano, i like the lanyards and armbands you can find that feature earphones. The Shuffle and Nano are light enough for wearing around the neck, and the earphone cable is nice and short and there is less cable mess.

Misc. adapters

One adapter that I’ve researched and really want to purchase is Apple’s iPod Camera Connector. It plugs into the dock connector of your iPod and provides a USB slot that you can plug in your compatible camera, and it will download all your images so you can shoot more photos. If you don’t have a compatible camera, you can get something along the lines of the Kanguru Micro CF, which is a USB flash drive that reads camera CF cards. The Micro CF drive is available for $29.95 at http://www.kanguru.com/cfmicrodrive.html.