Gary's goes green!

After having solar panels installed at their house, Gary and Ava Cannon, owners of Gary’s Dewey Beach Grill, decided to install them at the restaurant as well.

Coastal Point • Monica Fleming: Gary’s Dewey Beach Grill went green after owner’s Gary and Ava Cannon went solar at home.Coastal Point • Monica Fleming
Gary’s Dewey Beach Grill went green after owner’s Gary and Ava Cannon went solar at home.

“It was a good opportunity for the business more or less than anything else, said Gary. “You do whatever you can.”

They had the 3.4 Kilowatt system installed over a new awning area in May and have already seen a difference. The system is called a SunPower System with a SunnyBoy Inverter and Monitor Package, so it has a carbon monitor that has shown a reduction of 1,000 pounds of carbon. Cannon works part-time for Delaware Renewable Energy and he said that other businesses in the area have followed suit, including Atlantic Liquors and The Eye Institute on Route 24.

Cannon said it makes sense for businesses to take advantage of the state rebate of 50 percent and mentioned a 30 percent federal tax credit for a business or a $2,000 credit for an individual. “For an individual it takes about seven years to pay for itself. So, when you install these that have a 25-year warranty, that’s 18 years of free energy. For businesses, it only takes three years.”

Cannon mentioned that the business also does everything it can in the way of recycling to reduce waste and help the environment — something else that was started because it was the right thing to do but comes with added financial benefit as well — as in a lesser trash bill.

Cannon is excited about the fact hat the state and federal rebates have made it a doable goal to install renewable energy sources such as solar pals, because it wasn’t always that way.

“It used to be you had to be pretty rich to be pretty green. And now you don’t,” he said, laughing.

Delaware Renewable Energy Company and Lynx General Contracting installed both the Cannon’s residential panels and the panels at Gary’s Dewey Beach Café. For more information or to learn more, visit online or call (302) 227-1337.