BREAKING NEWS: Delmarva Power reaches agreement for offshore wind energy

The winds of change may soon be sweeping through Delaware with renewed force.

On Monday, June 23, the powers behind the offshore wind farm - Delmarva Power and Babcock & Brown - announced they had reached an agreement.

The agreement states Delmarva Power will commit to 200 megawatts of offshore wind power. That’s less than half of the originally proposed 600 megawatt wind farm. It amounts to the construction of between 55 and 66 wind turbines in the Atlantic Ocean off Rehoboth Beach.

Hunter Armistead, head of Babcock & Brown’s North American Wind Energy Group, said this is just the first step of many to follow.

“It is truly an exciting day. We are committed to seeing it all the way to the finish line,” said Armistead.

Besides the change in size, Delmarva Power President Gary Stockbridge said the partners have now also committed to a regionalization effort, which will allow the wind farm to grow over the years as it begins to sell wind energy to neighboring states and companies.

Stockbridge described the process to find homegrown energy in Delaware as a “long, long road.”

Now the agreement will be taken to the other state agencies in the Public Service Commission. The General Assembly is expected to pass enabling legislation before the close of current legislative session, which ends June 30.

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