New commercial center planned for Frankford

Those who pass through Frankford along Route 113 may notice that the old Banks Company appliance store is currently under renovation.

Millsboro-based East Side Developers took on the job and the project should be completed in November, according to developer James Parker. Currently, they’ve completed the demolition and are working on the exterior of the property, which he said he expects to be finished in the next 30 days. Next on the list is to connect all the amenities, such as plumbing, heating and cooling.

Once completed, the vacant structure will be transformed into 10 retail and commercial stores, with units ranging from 1,200 to 4,500 square feet.

The new commercial center is expected to be a shot in the arm for local community. Frankford has been slow to develop and, even though the Banks building is just outside town limits, a commercial center much like Millpond Plaza in Millsboro — which also is an East Sided Developers project — should fit the bill.

“Depending on what moves in there, it could be great for the community,” Frankford Town Manager Terry Truitt said. “If it’s a professional plaza with lawyers, then it would probably have very little impact. But there have been rumors that a Domino’s might move in there. And if that happened, then that would be ideal.

“Basically, if he builds it, then they will come,” Truitt added.

The Millpond Plaza in Millsboro houses a Domino’s Pizza, Rita’s Flavor Ice shop, Quizno’s sub shop and the Milton House family restaurant.

The Banks Company Appliance Building was built by Robert Banks in the early 1950’s but was sold in February of 2002, according to daughter Marla Banks-Daisey. The store was kept open there for two more years before going out of business, and it’s been vacant ever since. But this fall there will be some new blood there, on the corner of Frankford Avenue and Route 113.

“There are definitely some possibilities as far as businesses go,” Parker said. “They’ve [Frankford] had some slower growth. But the area as a whole is about to grow and the people in that area need things. So, hopefully, we’re taking a good risk.”