The week he was gone

’Twas the week he was gone, and all through the Point
There was total euphoria around this old joint.

Employees were dancing and shouting with glee,
at last we no longer have to hear about his sore knee.

The moans and the groans, and the “poor me” sighs.
It was great when on Friday we could say our goodbyes.

No more fingers a flipping,
or late night tipping…

No menacing chuckle, no comments to bear,
No fart machine noises and thank God for fresh air!

Around the office, we’re all having a blast,
Spreading some germs, he’s sure to freak out so fast.

Buttons is sunning and Harvey’s asleep.
Carolyn’s still running around town in that black Jeep.

Starkey is pulled over for speeding on Route 26,
while Argo is smiling and waving at him for kicks.

Bob’s at the movies and Shaun is nowhere to be found.
Lyons is on it like a fierce bloodhound.

Tricia and Cian are hot on a story,
a pen and a binkie – they are both in their glory.

Monica’s shopping and Jane’s relaxing out front,
while Rosie is trying to photograph the latest stunt.

But as the week ends, we all get back to the grind.
There hasn’t been as many laughs, we now find.

We miss our good ol’ editor and want him back.
He’s really not that bad, he’s a darn good chap:

Shiny bald head and that sly little grin,
with a tad bit of tobacco running down his chin.

Upon first impressions, he can be quite charming.
But then he can say something that is clearly alarming.

And alas, before we end, we must digress…
We could say so much more but will leave it at less.

While the cat’s away, the mice will play. With that in mind, while our esteemed editor is on the Emerald Isle, attempting to have at least one Guinness in every pub on the west coast, the rest of the staff here at the Coastal Point complex decided to write his column. This will teach him to go on vacation. You know what they say about paybacks …

— With love, The Staff