Oh, I’m thankful for very much

I’m a results guy.

Like many of you, my mind every week is focused largely on what I need to get done, and I often just take the things and people around me for granted as I manuever my way around to achieve whatever goal or object is before me. Work, bills, a new toy ... whatever. “Don’t tell me about the labor — just show me the baby.” That’s one of my basic philosophies in life.

However, this time of year always makes me reflect on what is truly important to me. You know, those things and people that make it possible for me to achieve my goals, or just flat-out make my life a little nicer. So, in the spirit of the traditional McCann Thanksgiving dinner, I offer my thanks:

I’m thankful for Jamie Price and, yes, Bailey the Wonder Pug — both of whom make coming home a cherished experience every day.

I’m thankful that the O.J. Simpson book and television interview have been scrapped. Outside of my failed home experiment of printing a swimsuit calendar of myself at various holding ponds throughout the community, this was one of the most deplorable, shameless, borderline-evil-to-the-rest-of-society thing I have ever seen. Plus, I was probably going to buy the book and watch the interview out of sheer voyeurism. So, I’m thankful that this takes that decision out of my hands.

I’m thankful that my parents, Dennis and Elizabeth, are healthy, strong and filled with every bit of love for their son that they were last year at this time.

I’m thankful that the Baltimore Orioles are still allowed to participate in Major League Baseball. I grew up admiring the team for its consistency in management and excellence in competition, and now cringe at both their recent performance on the field and the madness surrounding the front office. Regardless, I am thankful for the handful of wins I get to enjoy every year — particularly those treasured ones against the New York Yankees.

I’m thankful for Jane Johnson, Monica Fleming, Carolyn Fitz, Susan Argo, Bob Bertram, Jaime McNamee, Rosi and Shaun Lambert, M. Patricia Titus, Jonathan Starkey, Ryan Saxton and John Denny. I get to work with an all-star cast of talent each and every day. I also get to work with dear friends.

I’m thankful for cheese in a can. Technology has brought us many exciting and intriguing things over the past few decades. But, come on, cheese in a can? There was some severe ingenuity going on with that invention.

I’m thankful for Brett, Artie, Gary and P.J. It’s great that Brett and Artie are off the hook for trying to put Gary and P.J. on the black market last year, and I’m especially thankful that Brett was able to get rid of that odd growth on her forehead. Fine, I’m joking. But I am thankful that they are all healthy and in my life.

I’m thankful for Leo Brady. He is a beacon of light for this entire community, a wealth of knowledge, a gentleman to the core and, most importantly, my friend. I’m proud of that.

I’m thankful for Susan and Andy Lyons, as well as their children, Drew, Sarah and Emily. Thank you for accepting me into your family with my own so far away.

I’m thankful that getting more seasoned, huskier and of more scalp has not prevented me one bit from becoming ... wait a minute. This stinks. Why do I have to get older, fatter and balder every year? I mean, I guess I could eat better and take a little better care of myself. Yeah, I guess I could also push my face into a barbed wire fence and hope that someone splashes Aqua Velva onto the wounds when I’m done. I’m going down on my own terms, people. So you can take your steamed vegetables and ...

But I digress.

I’m thankful for the men and women overseas serving proudly because that’s what they do — serve. Like the war or not, I don’t want to hear one word criticizing these people. They serve. It’s what they do. And they do it better than any similar group in the world. Be thankful they’re doing what they do while you’re sitting around complaining. I am.

I’m thankful for those men and women who gave their life in the process of serving, and offer love and condolences to their families this Thanksgiving. I know ... it does nothing to help them. But I feel that we often mourn those who are lost, and we often fail to remember those left behind.

I’m thankful for our readers and advertisers showing their support behind us another year. Because of you, we all get to keep doing what we love.